Great artistry illuminates the joy of living, bringing pleasure, beauty and harmony. It is the legacy of great civilizations, feeding the soul and inspiring hope and joy; as needed today as it was in the past. It touches our hearts, inspires our minds, enriches our emotional world and contributes to our wellbeing and ‘better selves’.

The artistry of The Set touches guests’ lives in a similar way. The inspiring environments and individual experiences we create capture the hearts and minds of our guests and enrich their sense of wellbeing and joy of living.

The Set embraces the best of the traditional Grand hotels and the new design hotels in turn, providing the best of both worlds. Heritage, attention to detail and impeccable service sit harmoniously alongside modernity, wellbeing and technology, giving us the ability to stay in tune with the personal rhythms of our guests’ lifestyles. Hotels of The Set allow guests to continue to do what they love doing in a location and surroundings where they feel they belong.

We want people to feel part of The Set, seek out our hotels when they travel, and always wish to return. We do this by creating places that move people. Places they love, want to return to, and tell others about whilst at the same time enabling new discoveries; something that makes them think differently.

Our three founding properties in Amsterdam, London and Paris all sit in the cultural heart of their vibrant cities, and have attracted the people who drive change and creativity for decades. We feel a great sense of responsibility to preserve the soul and individuality of each property – its features, feeling and heritage – to retain its sense of place, purpose and continued contribution to its locality.  

  • The SET
  • Hotel Cafe Royal - London
  • Conservatorium - Amsterdam
  • Lutetia - Paris